Sex Therapy in Chicago

Specialized support for sexual health concerns, desire discrepancy, and relationship difficulties. Because everyone deserves good sex.


If you’re experiencing tension, anxiety, or shame around sex, please know this: it doesn’t have to stay this way.

Maybe your desire for sex has decreased and you aren’t sure why. Perhaps you have a sexual health concern like erectile dysfunction, pelvic pain, difficulty with orgasm, or something you’ve never even spoken about out loud…but you’re tired of struggling in silence. Maybe your partner and you are feeling disconnected and out of sync in and out of the bedroom. 


If you’re here, it’s because sex is taking up a lot of headspace right now: a lot of your time, energy, and attention. We can work together to shift that toward the kind of pleasurable, active sex life (and the healthy relationships that accompany it) that you deserve. My approach is sex-positive, LGBTQIA+ and poly affirming, kink-knowledgeable, and body positive.

Because it is possible to feel more confident, empowered, and excited about your sex life.

Sex therapy can help you move past physical, emotional, and psychological barriers to achieve the fulfilling sex life you’re after.

what I can help with

+ pelvic pain

+ low desire

+ delayed ejaculation

+ difficulty with orgasm

+ emotional/sexual disconnection

+ desire discrepancy

+ infidelity

+ sex after having children

+ communication about sex

+ sex & aging

+ sexual shame

+ premature ejaculation

+ erectile dysfunction

+ sex & medical illness

at a glance

I'm a certified sex therapist specializing in sexual dysfunction.
I work with individuals and couples on:

I want you to get the best care possible. (And sometimes that’s not me).

I am not specialized in all areas of sex therapy. If your concern isn’t listed above, I may not be the best fit for you. In that case, I’m always happy to offer referrals to another talented clinican in my network.

an important note:



Understand & address the root causes of your sexual concerns.


Enjoy more pleasurable, less stressful sex.


Restore intimacy & improve communication with your partner.


Process feelings of guilt, anxiety, or shame surrounding sex.

Have fun with sex again.

Then let’s get to work.

frequently asked questions:

Sex therapy is about addressing whatever’s standing in the way of your sexual satisfaction, whether it’s physical, emotional, or relational. We’ll work to uncover the root causes of the challenges you’re experiencing so that we can address them at the source. 

It’s easy to assign problems with sex to our own shortcomings, but things like sexual dysfunction, relationship problems, past sexual experiences, and medical issues often play a part as well. Sex therapy is about looking at this bigger picture and providing a nonjudgmental, open space to work through it all.

Many people don’t talk about sex, and even fewer talk about sexual dysfunction. But this is a very common issue, and you don’t have to struggle with it on your own.

Our first session will take place with both partners present, where we’ll discuss topics like your relationship history, present concerns, and your goals for therapy. Then, I’ll meet with each partner individually for two separate sessions—one focused on your general, family, and childhood histories, and another focused on your sexual health history and how you view sex in your current relationship.

From there, we’ll come back together and begin meeting weekly to work toward the goals we set. Nothing is off-limits in our sessions: this is a nonjudgmental space where you can communicate freely with your partner and receive guidance and support as you work together to reestablish intimacy and connection.

In order for sex therapy to be effective for couples, two things are very important:

1. Both partners need to be invested. It’s perfectly fine if you feel a bit of apprehension or uncertainty about therapy—this is normal! But both parties need to be open to the process.

2. A willingness to take action. We can talk about making changes all day long, but unless those strategies are actually implemented in day-to-day life, you won’t experience the change you’re looking for. I may assign homework for you to do individually or as a couple between sessions and will check in with you about how it went.

I understand you may have never talked about sexual concerns before and may feel nervous or reluctant about doing so. Or, you may have been to therapy before and felt like your therapist wasn’t comfortable discussing sexual topics, so you felt like you had to shy away from them.

First and foremost, I’m here to offer you a nonjudgmental, supportive space where you feel safe sharing these details. I’m certified in this stuff—nothing is off-limits.

We’ll begin by discussing your general history, present concerns, and sexual history. We'll also set realistic goals for your time in therapy. Then, we’ll meet regularly (weekly or biweekly) to begin working toward them. I may assign homework such as mindfulness or self-exploration exercises for you to complete between sessions, and we’ll incorporate your learnings and progress into our work together.

Absolutely. That’s the thing—it’s never just about the sex. I’m here to support you with all the other parts of life, too, whether it’s communication challenges, boundary setting, anxiety or depression, grief, or dealing with big life changes.

how to connect

ready to get started?

The #1 factor in predicting the effectiveness of therapy is the relationship you have with your therapist. That’s why I offer a free phone consultation to ensure we’re a good fit to work together. I’ll answer your questions and help you decide if I’m the right therapist to help you reach your goals.


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